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Executive Compensation

Compensation arrangements can be overwhelmingly complex, from compliance issues to analyzing the financial implications. Whether you are an executive or a business looking to get the best deal possible or just ensure compliance with the numerous tax and other rules relating to executive compensation arrangements, having counsel with the experience to protect your interests is critical. Our attorneys have advised hundreds of executives and companies in multimillion-dollar equity and compensation negotiations, including employment and severance agreements, deferred compensation arrangements, and employee incentive plans.

It’s our job to remove obstacles and be drivers of the deal. We help our clients determine what a potential deal may mean to them from a business and financial standpoint. That’s why companies and individuals alike turn to us for more than just legal advice and analysis. We are here to provide practical business advice and feedback as well as walk you through the entire negotiation process.

In addition, tax-exempt organizations look to us for help in complying with rules governing “intermediate sanctions” as they apply to the compensation packages for the most senior officers and managers. They also rely on us to navigate corresponding state laws. Through our affiliate, ML Strategies, LLC,  we provide compensation benchmarking and consulting services that are an integral part of the compliance process.

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