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Integrated non-profit law & tax exempt services

Whether you are seeking advice on
  • charitable organizations, trade associations, educational organizations, social welfare organizations, family and corporate foundations

  • public charities, private foundations, supporting organizations, charitable trusts, endowment trusts

  • taxable nonprofit organizations or other non-profit organizations

our team can guide you step by step.

We help clients manage

  • Private inurement, private benefit, excess benefit transactions and other tax compliance issue

  • Transactions between the non-profit organization and its founders, donors, board members, officers and employees

  • Charitable giving and endowment policies

  • Acquisitions, mergers and reorganizations

  • Corporate governance, conflicts of interest, appropriate organizational structures

  • State non-profit laws and filing requirements

  • Qualification for tax exempt status and filing the Application for Recognition of Exemption of Tax Exempt Status with the IRS

  • Unrelated business income issues


A wide level of experience and diverse perspectives

  • Nelson Mullins’ non-profit attorneys include former special assistant in the Office of the Secretary of the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare

  • Tax attorneys with LLM degrees in tax law

  • Attorney team includes former certified public accountants

  • Attorney team experience includes counsel to trade associations, university and college counsel, school district counsel


Our clients span industry sectors

  • Public Housing and other public initiatives

  • Trade Associations

  • Healthcare Industry

  • Educational Organizations

  • Governmental and quasi-governmental organizations


Make careful, timely, and informed decisions

Address the myriad of issues that confront the non-profit organization from organization, operation, consolidation and dissolution while simultaneously managing the tax exempt or taxable aspects of the organization.  Our team works side-by-side with our non-profit clients, developing an understanding of their business objectives and helping to achieve tax objectives.


Our non-profit organization services help you to

  • Receive advice on the state and federal implication of commercial transactions

  • Maintain tax exempt status

  • Track, analyze, and understand state and federal laws applicable to your non-profit status and your tax exempt status

  • Establish necessary policies and procedures

  • Address and document governance decisions and responsibilities

  • Respond to inquiries or audits by the IRS

  • Create compliant joint ventures, mergers, and other strategic applications

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