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Nonprofits face a different set of challenges than for-profits in their day-to-day business — from carrying out a mission, fundraising, and maintaining nonprofit status to attracting top talent and expanding their reach. Whether your nonprofit is well-established or you’re thinking about starting one, Mintz Levin can provide you with legal services that take into account your nonprofit’s big-picture goals while balancing the needs of your stakeholders.

Our practice brings together attorneys who can advise you on your organizational structure, application for nonprofit status, board governance, and compliance requirements as well as any workforce, financing, fundraising, litigation, and tax issues you may have. When advising you in routine or exceptional situations, the team at Mintz Levin can draw from our substantial experience with nonprofits of all types and the practice depth within the firm to deliver efficient and effective legal solutions.


  • Nonprofit & Tax-Exempt Organizations

  • Charitable Foundations & Trusts

  • Executive Compensation & Employee Benefits

  • Employment & Workforce

Nonprofit & Tax-Exempt Organizations
Our attorneys can counsel you on all the responsibilities and requirements of your tax-exempt charitable organization. In addition to assisting nonprofit clients with their organization's formation, we guide nonprofits through the process to secure federal tax-exempt status. Our attorneys are also experienced in counseling 501(c)(3) organizations and their boards, trustees, presidents, and senior executives in the areas of corporate governance best practices, conflict of interest policies, fiduciary duties, executive compensation, charitable solicitation compliance, charitable and volunteer immunity, lobbying and political activities, data privacy and security issues, mergers, dissolutions, spin-offs, and transfers of charitable assets. We also counsel nonprofits on tax-exempt financing and contract-related matters.

Charitable Foundations & Trusts
Our attorneys can counsel you on the best way to continue your philanthropy. We have assisted high-net-worth individuals and their families with creating foundations, charitable lead trusts, charitable remainder trusts, and donor-advised funds. We also provide counsel to charitable foundations and trusts.

Executive Compensation & Employee Benefits
It’s a fact that nonprofits have to compete with for-profits for top talent. We can advise you on the compensation and employee benefits packages that you offer to attract and retain employees and executives and the related tax and compliance issues. Our attorneys work with boards, presidents, and senior executives on employment and compensation packages and have provided representation in negotiations, preparing employment agreements, incentive plans, deferred compensation, and severance packages.

Employment & Workforce
Whether your workforce is unionized, non-unionized, all-volunteer, or a mixture of all three, Mintz Levin has the experience to provide you with ongoing employment advice, counseling on employment and personnel policies, staff and HR training, litigation, representation in negotiation with unions, and more. Our attorneys can be a resource for your human resources department to turn to when an issue arises in your workplace.

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